Information related to the first Basic Knowledge Assessment Tool (BKAT) for critical care nursing was published in 1984 in Heart and Lung, The Journal of Critical Care, by the authors of the BKAT, Jean Toth and Kathleen Ritchey.  The BKAT's are copyrighted.  The BKATs listed below are provided to Clinical Specialists, In-Service Educators, and clinical nurses for assessment of basic knowledge in the areas listed below.

Critical Care Nursing:

    For Adults:
   BKAT-9r for Adult ICU
   BKAT-8Sr for Progressive/Intermediate/Telemetry
           ED-BKAT2 for Adult ED

   For Children:
   PICU-BKAT6r for Pediatric ICU
   NICU-BKAT4 for Neonatal ICU
   PEDS-ED BKAT for Pediatric ED

Non Critical Care Nursing:

   MED-SURG BKAT for Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing


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* Basic knowledge in critical care nursing is a body of knowledge beyond that required for licensure as an RN that the critical care nurse uses in order to provide safe nursing care to patients.   Basic knowledge in Medical-Surgical nursing is a body of
knowledge that is necessary for providing safe care to patients hospitalized in Medical-
Surgical units.

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