30.Upon recognizing ventricular fibrillation in a safe environment, the nurse
       should then:         

1)perform a precordial thump
2)establish unresponsiveness  *
3)give amiodarone IV 
4)check the ECG leads

37.The most important step in preventing central venous catheter related 
       sepsis is:        

1)use of a transparent membrane dressing
2)changing the catheter weekly
3)using antibiotic ointment under the dressing
4)thorough handwashing *

39.A routine check of your patient’s blood gas values show a pH of 7.40, pO2 
      of  98 mm Hg, pCO2 of 38 mm Hg, and HCO3 of 25 mEq.  These 
      results reflect:     

1)metabolic acidosis
2)metabolic alkalosis
3)normal values *
4)respiratory compensation

*  Correct answer


JT 6/16/14