4.The major goal in the treatment of cardiogenic shock is to:     

  1)increase the afterload
  2)lower the BUN
  3)increase cardiac output *
  4)decrease fluid volume

37. The earliest sign of increased intracranial pressure generally involves 
       changes in:

  1)response to pain
  2)level of consciousness *
  3)equality of pupillary reaction
  4)       respiratory rate

78.  Several people suddenly stumble into the ED coughing and asking for help.  
       They tell you that something terrible has just happened in the subway across 
        the street.  The first thing you would do is to:

  1)start checking vital signs
  2)get the ED physician
  3)activate the Mass Casualty Emergency Response Plan *
  4)      check the news for up to date information of what is happening


JT 6/18/14