9.    A 55 year old, post-operative patient with a history of an
      irregular heart rate is found slumped on the bathroom floor.
      The patient is assisted back to bed and is noted to have
      weakness on one side.  Signs and symptoms of stroke
      include all of the following EXCEPT:        
1)unexplained headache
2)sudden weakness on one side of the body
3)abrupt shortness of breath  *
4)trouble speaking or understanding

71.   You are documenting granulation tissue in a patient’s healing
       wound.  You describe granulation tissue as:    
1)pink or red, soft, and bleeds easily  *
2)pale and blanching with gentle pressure
3)necrotic and hard
4)white with thin areas of scar tissue

85.    Lower extremity weakness, cognitive and visual impairment,
        and syncope often experienced by the hospitalized elderly
        patient can cause which of the following? 
1)sub-dural hematoma
2)increased risk of falling  *
3)Alzheimer’s disease
4)electrolyte imbalance

        * Correct answer.


JT 1/8/11