5.         One of the major symptoms in an infant with patent ductus arteriosis (PDA) is:

   1)respiratory distress *
   2)increased restlessness
   3)systemic hypertension
   4)increased pulses in the legs

18.Your  1 day old patient weighs 2000 Gms.  The correct IV fluid maintenance 
    for 24 hours is how many ml/Kg             

   1)  300 
   2)    80   *
   3)  400
   4)    20

19.Family centered care for a neonate would not include which of the

   1)teaching infection control measures to the family
   2)beginning discharge planning early in the infant’s stay
   3)providing the family with a phone number to call 
   4)encouraging visits from the family at the same time *


JT 2/20/20