Are You Taking a BKAT? 

  If you are taking a BKAT, go to the BKAT Webpage at  and choose the BKAT that you think you would/will be taking.  READ about it. Keep reading until you find the part about  'content areas' [this is towards the beginning]: These are the things to study. Also, close to the 'content areas' are three actual questions on-line to give you an idea about the BKAT. To see them, click on the yellow star.

  Since you are at the BKAT Webpage, click on ‘To Order’, and read. Please note that it takes 2-3 weeks to receive your BKAT(s) after you have been approved as eligible. The time delay makes it unlikely that a BKAT that is ordered to memorize answers will arrive soon enough: This is planned, on purpose.

  To be eligible, you must be currently working in an ICU as a RN and a manager, educator, or CNS in the critical care area for the BKAT(s) you are requesting. To order the MED-SURG BKAT, you must be currently working in a med/surg unit as a RN and as a med/surg manager, educator, or CNS.

Remember:  BKAT means basic knowledge, not CCRN. Also, BKAT may NOT be used for hiring, firing, or screening. Please report any abuse to  

Warm Regards,
Jean C. Toth, PhD, RN, MSN, CV-CNS, BCCC
Author of the BKATs